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The precise design classic has a large clear and well-defined dial, with a large, low leval,slip resistant platform and scratch-resistant finish it is easy for the patient to step on and weigh.

Capacity 150kg by 1kg divisions

Optional Extras.water-repellent transport case(seca 423)


The high capacity of 30 Kg by 10gram divisions enables you to weigh overweight children and newly born babies.
The unique,large,backlit multi-display can show weight,height and body mass index.

A rigid cast base fitted with rubber feet enables stability and consistant weight readings.

The indicator head may be adjusted to read at any convenient angle
Powered by along life re-chargeable battery
Charging Adaptor included.

Dial scale with BMI indicator
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Digital column scale with low energy consumption
Digital floor scale with cable remote control
Seca 959
Weylux Baby and Young Child Scales
Weymed 524/ BMI


Mechanical personal scale with round dial
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Seca 756 dial

The capacity of 30 kg enables the scale to weigh overweight children yet are fine enough with a 10 kg division to accurately monitor young babies. Simply remove the baby pan to weigh children in the seat.

CE approved high accuracy Class III
Body Mass Index Facility built-in

Seca 384 & Seca 385
Two scales one: To begin with ,the seca 384 and 385 is ababy scale with comforable weighing tray.But in no time at all, it can be converted into a floor scale for children with a capacity 50 Kg (seca835) or 30Kg (834).
The weighing tray and the base which serves as the floor scale are securely locked together thus ensuring that the baby can be weighed absolutely safely.
A further advantage of the scale is its Breast-Milk-Intake function with which one can easily determine how much milk the baby has taken when breast fed.

50 kg:- 0 to 20 kg by 20g & 20kg to 50kg by 50 g (seca 385)
20 kg:- 0 to 10 kg by 10 g & 10kg to 20kg by 20 g (seca 384)
Seca 376
This battery operated scale with large,easy to read LCD display combined innovative technology with space- saving design. Due to its low weight and integrated handle (can be used for hanging the scale), it is easy to transport and quickly ready to use anywhere. The optional measuring rod seca 232 allows measuring and weighing in one step.
Capacity:- 15 kg by 10 grams
Power Supply:- Batteries / Mains Adapter( optional)

Seca 336

The shell- shaped design of the seca 376 is consistant with the high demands made on its multiple functions:suitable for babies and infants up to 15 kg, the large tray provides maximun safety against the baby falling from the scale.The clearly laid out controls are located on the slightly raised, ergonomicallyformed side of the scale facing the user.A large LCD display makes it quick and easy to determine the weight.

Capacity ;- 20 kg
0 to 7.5 kg by 5 gram & 7.5 kg to 20 kg by 10 grams

Power Supply:- Batteries / Mains adapter (optional)

Digital baby scale with extra large weighing tray
Mobile digital baby scale
Digital baby scale and floor scale for children in one
Thanks to the fine 2gram graduation this scale registers even the smallest change in weight.With the aid of the HOLD function the result is displayed even after the baby has been taken off the scale -the baby can therefore first be attended to before its weight is noted. Automatic switch-off after 10 minutes prevents unnecessary power consumption.
Capacity :- 15 kg
0 to 6 kg by 2grams & 6 kg to 15 kg by 5 grams

Power Supply : Mains adapter
Seca 717
Digital baby scale with fine graduation
A special intergrated damping system together with the HOLD function for quick, precise weighing even if the baby is restless. The ergonomically formed tray with high rounded sides makes it easy to weigh larger babies. The large ,bright LED figures make it easy and convenient to read the result.
Power supply is by mains or rechargeable batteries.
An integrated RS232 interface guarantees the reliable transmission of data to a PC.

Capacity ;- 15 kg by 5 gram divisions.
Optional Extra: Interface cable (seca 451) , Transport case (seca 425)

Digital baby scale with intergrated RS232 interface
Seca 757
Digital weighing and measuring station with automatic BMI calculation
Weylux 550BT

With the innovative,digital measuring station seca 764, both the height and the weight of a patient can be ascertained in one step.Both values are indicated on the two LCD displays in the indicator which with the touch of a button automatically calculated the BMI of the patient.
The 250 kg capacity allows you to measure even the most extremely heavyweight patients.
Capacity 250 kg by 100gram divisions.
Optional Extra :- RS232 Interface

Seca 701
Seca 764

With its cable remote control for hand held, table ,or wall mounting, the battery-operated seca 862 is an extremely flexable all purpose scale.
Energy- saving (up to 16,000 weighings per battery pack)
Addional functions include a limit value function which will sound an alarm when a certain weight is exceeded, BMI function proviides information on the condition of the patient.
Capacity 200kg
0 to150kg by 50g & 150kg to 200 kg by 100g

Thanks to its extremely low energy consumption, up to 16,000 weighings can be on this robust scale per battery pack.
With an integratedmother/ child -function, the seca 701 is predestined for use in paediatrics because with this function it is easy to determine the weight of babies and toddlers in their mothers or fathers arms.
The Seca 701 can be connected to a PC or printer via the RS232 interface.
Capacity 200kg
0 to 150kg by 50 grams & 150kg to 200kg by 100grams

The seca 756 is the first mechanical column scalewhich, in addition to displaying the weight, also displays the BMI band of the patient. When the patient steps on the scale , a "BMI disc"of contrasting colour is set in motion below the very precise weight display in the large clear dial.It is easy to read with contrasting colours and is split up into underweight, normal, and overweight as well as obesity.
Capacity 160kg by 500gram divisions.

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Seca 862
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The measure of medical quality.
Seca 225
Mobile measuring device on wheels
Seca 242
Digital measuring rod with cable-free display
Seca leicester
Portable height measure
Multifunctional & wheelchair Scales
Hand rail scale
Digital wheelchair scale
Multifunctional scale

These robust scales are compactly designed which makes them particularly suitable for use in care homes where space may be restricted.
Yet the chair remains spacious with a width of 590mm to accomadate large patients.
They easily manoeuvre round tight corners and the bracked castors keep the base stable whilst patients are being weighed.

Capacity 200 Kg by 50grams incrememts,
BMI facility, Back lit display, Retractable foot rest,
Powered by a Re-chargeable Battery.
Charging Adaptor included.

Car Transportable Version Available
Chair frame easily disassembles
to allow easy fittind into a car

Weymed 550/BT/BMI
Wheelchair Scale specially designed for Care Homes
Weymed 590J/BMI

Very robust scales with sepecial feature of aunique , large, backlit multi-display to show weight,height and body mass index.
The 460mm by330mm hygience stainless steel platform can accommodate the very large patient.
Ridgid cast base with rubber feet ensures stability and constant weight readings.

Capacity 200Kg by 50 gram increments.
Powered by long life re-chargeable battery
Charging Adapter included

Weymed Platfom Scale with BMI Function
Weymed Baby Toddler Scale
Seca 761
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All Machines marked with the M sticker are Class III approved by Trading Standards and can be used for Critical Weighing

More manufacturers of Medical scales that we can supply

Marsden Detecto